Furnipart – Scandinavian Design from Jutland, Denmark

Lars Ole Hansen established Furnipart in 1977. Now, 30 years later the company has become famous for its exclusive and modern furniture hardware. Quality and craftsmanship is what’s behind the success and today you can purchase Furnipart handles all over the world. Most of their hardware furniture is made of aluminum or zamak but they also have a few wooden handles in their portfolio. Many of their collections are known for the thin, neat and modern shapes. Furnipart has its office in Hinnerup in the east part of Jutland, Denmark.

The company has several external designers connected to their business. Some of the designers are famous from other industries, some only work with furniture and furniture hardware design. But all of them stand behind their own collections of handles and knobs at Furnipart. Among the designers you find local Danish designers like Jesper K. Thomsen, but also far away designers like Adam Laws from Australia.

If you are looking for profile- or recessed handles, then Furnipart should be something for you! Furnipart has probably the largest collection of beautiful recessed- and profile handles on the market.

We have many of their collections in our standard portfolio. In case you can not find any of their handles in our web shop, let us know and we can order it for you!

Below you find all Furnipart handles and knobs that we have in our stock today.