2018-02-26: Furniture hardware in brass have been popular for some time. But mostly in classic design and traditional kitchen environments. The Swedish furniture hardware supplier Beslag Design has now launched a brass series of pulls and knobs in modern vintage style - Helix in brass. Helix is ​​an entirely different series. It has a glossy, knurled surface reminiscent of old-time Hi-Fi amplifiers. The surface is not only interesting because its design and visual look, it also provides you with a solid grip of the knob or pull.

"The Feeling of Rough Industrial Lofts From the 80's New York"

All Handles & Pulls asked Beslag Design where the design ideas surrounding Helix came from. - Old-time Hi-Fi amplifiers and the feeling of a rough New York loft! Imagine the movies where a big industrial elevator goes right into a studio apartment that formerly housed a factory. In the corner of the "apartment" you see electric guitars and Hi-Fi equipment. It's hard to describe exactly the feeling in words, but we wanted to develop a series of pull handles and knobs that reminds a rough industrial New York design from the early 80's. This is where the shapes and the forms of the handles are partly coming from. We looked a lot on older amplifiers and electric guitars for the inspiration. I think we succeeded very well, I am happy with the outcome, says Pär Winberg, Sales & Marketing Manager at Beslag Design. - Helix and Pitch were first launched in bronze, black and stainless steel finishes. We noticed that customers liked the design. Brass has previously been very popular in the furniture hardware industry but was completely "out" for several years. Suddenly something happened and brass became popular again. It was fun to try Helix's modern industrial design with brass finish. It is a great mix of classics and contemporary design, continues Pär.

Helix in brass is available in both, a knob and a handle

Helix is ​​available in four different models of handles and a knob. The handles can be purchased in cc 128 mm or cc 224 mm. They can be obtained with or without a backplate. The backplate gives a completely new look on the handle but also can fill a much more practical function. There are cases where people want to change the existing handles with the new ones. Thanks to the backplate, the existing holes can be covered by the backplate without the need to refilling or repainting. It saves both time and money!