Vonsild – design and passion for handles and knobs in wood

The Danish handles & knobs manufacturer Vonsild is famous for its handles and knobs in wood with innovative design and a genuine craftsmanship. They design and manufacture both traditional and modern handles in many different sort of wood like maple, birch, beech, oak and walnut. Their handles come in different finishes like clear lacquered, stained, waxed, oiled, soap treatment or colouring with up to 90 % gloss level.

Vonsild is cooperating with a number of external internationally well-known designers and designer companies from Scandinavia and other parts of the world. Among the designers you find Adam Lays from Australia, Hans Sandgren Jakobsen from Denmark, VE2 and Says Who. Vonsild has managed to create a unique collection of handles and knobs with deep passion for wood.

The design is characterized with playfulness and an ambition to push the limits on how you make a handle. The result is that the handles are not only fulfilling its base function, but they also take a significant part in the total design. A bit like a beautiful painting. Or as Adam Laws expresses it himself: “I seek an emotive quality to my designs – an elegance of form that is seamlessly integrated with the product function and timeless in its appeal.”

For a long time Vonsild has been specialised in handles and knobs for kitchen or bathroom furniture, but many of the handles fit as good in the living room or in the bedroom.

Vonsild has resellers in many countries around the world. You can purchase a variety of Vonsild handles here in our online shop.
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